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How do you value a property?

Finally! After choosing your house and carrying out all of the previous steps, this is the next process to follow.

Next steps

To definitively formalise the mortgage, we need to carry out a few more checks, to ensure the financial security of the transaction, for us and for you.

For this reason, we will have to ask you for the following documentation (but not to worry, they are general procedures that we will carry out with your authorisation and supervision).

Additional documentation

  • Title deed extract from the Property Registry "Nota simple" 

    To check all of the details of the properties. 

  • Valuation

    It is mandatory that an independent entity makes an official valuation of the property, to establish its value. 

There are important factors that influence the property valuation process

  • Location of the property

  • Condition of the dwelling, features, and layout

  • Energy efficiency

  • Real estate market conditions at the time


Comprehensive and transparent information

With all of the documentation collected and details updated and reviewed, we will prepare the final mortgage offer. So that everything is as clear as possible for you, we will give you various documents which will feature all of the details in writing, duly detailed.

Your mortgage helper will go over them with you in person, point by point, checking that everything is correct or whether there is anything to review or clarify.

What do we need to give you?

  • 1

    (FEIN) European Standardised Information Sheet

    This document includes all of the information on the characteristics of your loan, so that you can analyse them and decide on the best option.

  • 2

    (FiAE) Standardised Advisory Sheet

    This document, in addition to the FEIN, will include the relevant clauses or elements of the loan.

  • 3

    Information document

    With different scenarios depending on the changes to the interest rate.

  • 4

    Draft contract

  • 5

    Advisory notice

    Of the obligation of receiving notarial advice.

Finally! It’s time to take the final step

Before that, you need to make sure everything is clear and you don’t have any more unanswered questions. 

We have tried to guide you up to here in the most natural way, but if you still have any queries, contact your mortgage helper. 

Also, remember that you must visit a notary for them to advise you before you formalise the loan. 

Everything clear?

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