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Types of Mortgage

As experts, we offer a wide range of mortgages that adapt to your needs. Choose your type of rate (fixed, mixed and variable) and one of our specialised products (VIVE, SUMA, CREA).

Choose your mortgage rate

Our financial experts will help you select the type of interest rate that best suits your needs

  • Fixed

    Same monthly payments throught the life of the mortgage. Up to 30 years, without depending on the benchmark index

  • Mixed

    Fixed rate for the first 3, 5 or 10 years. Variable for the rest of the mortgage, being the interest rate based on the benchmark index.

  • Variable

    Fixed rate for the first year. The rest of the mortgage payments will be variable, fluctuating as the benchmark index changes.

Specialised mortgages available at UCI Mortgages

Not only can you choose your type of interest rate, but also the specialised mortgage that really fits you.

  • VIVE

    Whether you want a house in Spain for the holidays or for living throughtout the whole year, with VIVE Mortgage you can buy your home.

  • SUMA

    If you want to buy a second-hand house and renovate it, choose the SUMA Mortgage. It includes the financing for the mortgage and the renovation in one loan.

  • CREA

    Thinking about building your own home in Spain? Make it happen with CREA Mortgage, our self-build mortgage.

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