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Do you need mortgage support?

  • When you get to this point you will start to have more questions and that is why we offer mortgage assistance. Now, if you want us to, we can start to hold your hand.

At UCI we will be with you every step of the way

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    The first thing is to meet your mortgage expert, who will be available whenever you need them: in person, by email or on the telephone.

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    Introductory meetings

    At an introductory meeting you can tell us about yourself, what you need, what you are looking for, what you hope for or expect, what you have seen around... We would like to really get to know you so that we can guide you in the best possible way.

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    Personal assessment

    Your mortgage consultant will review your case and will: analyse the potential offers that you may have on the table with you, introduce you to our products and services so that they are clear and simple and provide details on the options that could suit you.

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    Mortgage calculator

    Once the best UCI financing options have been outlined for your case, we will run each of them through the mortgage calculator for a REAL calculation, so that you can see actual figures, including what you would pay every month for each option.

    Your mortgage expert will explain the differences to you in detail, the advantages and disadvantages of each option and a detailed breakdown of the expenses and will give you the Key Facts Illustration so that you can choose the option best suited to your case. . It is a document that contains all of the information related to the mortgage loan, detailing the financial terms and conditions.

UCI Financing

At UCI we specialise in offering financial products related to properties.

We review your case and look at the potential of your project for you to choose the mortgage that best suits your needs: Fixed, Tracker or Mixed.

Shall we carry on?

Shall we carry on?

With all the information out in the open, it’s now up to you whether you want to go ahead.

Take your time, think about everything and don’t decide in a rush. Remember that you can call your mortgage helper if there is anything that is not totally clear. 

If you are happy with our offer and would like to go ahead... 
Now is the time to ask for the loan! Let us tell you how. 

Everything clear?

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