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Requirements for a mortgage: what documents do you need to apply for a loan?

If you have chosen us as your travel companions, first of all, welcome! Now it is time to explain the following steps and the requirements for applying for a mortgage.

First steps

Now is the time to present all of the necessary documents so that we can review them and set up your mortgage.

Remember that this is an important process for both you and us, and everything must be as clear and transparent as possible.

Loan request

It is necessary to make a loan request, to process your personal documentation and data. You will sign it digitally and we will request the necessary documentation from you to examine for the transaction.

Remember that our commitment to responsible lending makes us take the due time and pay attention to analysing whether your transaction complies with the guarantees of both parties.

What documentation are we going to ask you for?

Depending on your case we will need certain documents (legible photocopies). Your mortgage helper will specify exactly which:

  • ID documents

    ID card, passport or similar
  • Proof of separation or divorce, where appropriate.

  • Documentation on income

    Depending on whether you are an employee, self-employed, etc. , both yours and any others who are going to enter into the mortgage agreement.
  • Documentation other loans,

    if there are any, with any other entity
  • icon_leavedays

    Social Security employment record

  • icon_mortgageconditions

    Documentation on the property

  • Bank statement

  • Most recent income tax return

Everything clear?

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