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Insurances to complete your mortgage

Buying a property and taking out a mortgage means embarking on a new stage in which certain needs related to it may arise. For example, different insurance that will give you peace of mind in the future.

At UCI we offer some of these products. However, always in line with our philosophy: no strings attached. You choose. With the freedom to contract them as you wish.

Is insurance mandatory?

It is not mandatory, but it is recommended.
With us, you decide what you want to insure.

Remember that the price of your mortgage with UCI will not be affected if you choose insurance with another entity, nor if you cancel it after signing the mortgage.

UCI Insurance*

What would happen with the payment of your mortgage if, for example, you had an accident that stopped you from working?
At UCI we have selected the key products from the insurance companies that we trust the most, to offer you peace of mind in these cases.

  • Home insurance

    Broad coverages, which go beyond the standard: Fire and water damage and breakages, theft coverage, 24 hour, 365 day assistance, public liability, family legal defence and damage claims.
  • Life, Death and Disability Insurance

    Guarantees the economic stability of you and your family. In the event of death or disability (when you are not able to carry out your normal profession), the burden of living without your usual income would be avoided. Coverage against death and permanent employment disability, tailored capital depending on your circumstances, easy to take out, no medical check-up required and possibility of including the payment of the premium in the mortgage loan amount.
  • Payment Protection Insurance

    Guarantees the repayments for six consecutive months or eighteen alternate months in the event of: unemployment from open-ended contracts, temporary inability to work due to illness or accident for the self-employed, civil servants or those with temporary contracts and possibility of including the payment of the premium in the mortgage loan amount.
*Insurance brokered by UNIÓN DE CRÉDITOS INMOBILIARIOS, SA, EFC, Tied Insurance Banking Operator, Tax ID A39025515, registered in the General Directorate of Insurance and Pensions Special Registry under number OV 0076, with address at Ombu Street, 3, 28045 Madrid (Spain). The broker has professional public liability insurance and the financial capacity in accordance with that established in prevailing legislation.

Now it’s our turn

You’ve done your bit. Now it’s up to us to look at the documentation and check the feasibility of the loan you have requested. If the outcome is positive, we will continue to process your mortgage.

Take it easy, this process usually takes a few days. Meanwhile your mortgage helper will still be here for you to answer any queries you may have.

The answer

We will call you to let you know the outcome after having reviewed the transaction.

If your mortgage is given the go-ahead, congratulations!

If you are still on board with it, now is the time to definitively formalise the process for you to purchase the property that you have chosen.

Everything clear?

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