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The best home improvement mortgage: SUMA

01 May 2023
mortgage with renovation

Would you like to purchase a home 100% to your liking and start creating memories in a new place? If you've been searching for your new home for a while and want it to be just as you've imagined your ideal home, you may have wondered if there's a mortgage specifically designed for this purpose.

And the answer is yes!

Keep reading and discover SUMA, a mortgage with renovation from UCI Mortgages: a product that combines the purchase and renovation of a home into a single loan.

Why get a mortgage for renovation?

We listen to the needs of the market. Ultimately, we listen to you. You have decided that second-hand homes are what you're looking for, with all the advantages of the location. Do you want to live close to your family or move to that neighbourhood you love?

Since 2013, the second-hand market in Spain has increased by more than 50%. The sale of new homes accounts for only one-seventh of that total. Second-hand houses, with the advantages we've mentioned (being more central and having more affordable prices), also have one factor to consider: their age.

Houses are begging for renovations

Of the more than 25.2 million homes in Spain, over half, 51.2%, are over 40 years old. In addition, most of them have an energy rating between D and G. This means that they often don't meet the needs of new owners who, like you, are increasingly aware of the environment. And the best way to improve a home's efficiency is to renovate it.

This situation leads us to look for two types of financing: buying and renovating. These obstacles sometimes lead us to choose new homes, rejecting all the comforts of a renovated second-hand home. Well, that's over now! Now you get to choose.

How does the SUMA Mortgage work?

SUMA allows you to enjoy the advantages of a second-hand home and finance its renovation by only contracting one mortgage. That means you can turn a used home into the home you've always imagined, improve its energy efficiency, and contribute to sustainability. All of this receive funding with the interest rate of a mortgage (lower than a personal loan) for up to 30 years!

You already know that we like to make complex things easy. That's why we believe applying for a mortgage should be as clear and comfortable as possible, a natural process that instills peace of mind in our clients.

At UCI Mortgages, you can always count on a personal advisor who will guide you through the process from start to finish. Additionally, there is no need to switch banks or contract other additional services.

Discover the SUMA Mortgage now, which will allow you to buy and renovate your home, and you'll find all the details of this innovative product you've been asking for

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