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Your new home

Congratulations! You have reached this point and now all that is left is to open up your home and start living.

Now it’s up to you whether to furnish it or keep it empty until after the housewarming party. There’s no place like home!

And them?

Processing all of the aforementioned (registry entry, settlement...) takes a few months. As soon as it is all in order, we will deliver all of the documentation to you in a file that you must look after carefully, given that they are documents that identify you as the owner and as the mortgage borrower.

Remember that, even though you do not have all these documents in your possession, you are the owner of the property to all effects and purposes.
Your UCI advisor will call you a couple of days after signing to check that everything went well and that everything was as you had envisaged.

Are you satisfied?

Now that you are part of our family, we would like you to recommend us, as many people have already, through the EKOMI ratings and reviews platform.

All that is left to say now is what we have been wanting to say all along: Congratulations!